Horticulture – The use of plants, inanimate objects and technology
for peoples use, enjoyment and consumption.

It is only to the gardener that time is a friend,
giving each year more than he steals.

Horticulture Consultations

  • Free one hour consultation within 10 mile radius of Colleyville TX.
  • Meet with homeowner, identify plant material explain how the plants will grow and give pruning and training instructions, give ideas on design, and trouble shoot any problems they are having (For example: Insect identification, drainage, erosion, disease control).

Custom Landscape Design & Installation

  • Draw landscape design (fee charged) giving homeowner  a complete plan for the yard.   Drawn to scale with the common names and proper spacing of all materials.  Plot existing trees and plant material.  Re-use via transplanting plant material, adding additional plant material.  Features included in Design are rockwork, arbors and decks, patios, landscape light, irrigation etc. Comes with complete proposal for Unique to do the work.  Everything is individually priced.