Our process is very easy and will ensure your landscaping will be attractive and enhance your property’s appearance. Below is an overview of what you can expect.

1. Client contacts inquiring about our services

2. We set up an appointment for a free consultation

  • Takes approximately 1 hour
  • Discuss areas of concern…what you ultimately want from your landscape
  • Identify plant material – Tell you how to care for it & how it will grow
  • Give ideas on design
  • Troubleshoot problems

3. Next step is to design your landscape

  • We will need your survey plat
  • The design process takes approximately 2 weeks from initial consultation
  • Fee of $500 for front or back, $1000 for both. Large projects may increase design fee

4. Unique will contact you to set up an appointment to present your new landscape design, upon receiving survey

  • You will receive a “to scale” design listing all plant material proposed
  • A complete proposal listing costs of all plant material proposed
  • You can choose to do the landscape in phases or do some of the work yourself

5. We collect a 50% deposit at the initial signing of the contract. We show up promptly on the date scheduled with our professional crew to perform your Unique landscape installation. After the work is completed, we perform a walk-thru on your landscape and explain how all the plants grow, how to take care of them, their seasonal interests, and any special pruning or training they may require. Additionally, you will receive an Irrigation Audit with the new schedule set for the new landscape and all adjustments and changes that were made to the system. The balance is collected at completion, after we perform our walk-thru.

6. Enjoy your beautiful new Unique Landscaping and all the compliments you will receive from your neighbors and friends.

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