Pecan Shell Mulch

by Donna Kauffman

The most important horticultural practice you can do for your landscape is to keep it mulched. Mulch plays a very important role in Texas landscapes. The purpose of mulch is to protect the root zone of your plant material. As you know, temperatures can rise and fall here as much as 30 degrees in one day. The average wind gust in Tarrant County is 30 mph, and we can go 6 weeks without significant rainfall.

Mulch helps buffer all those extremes by providing your plants with a protective layer. Any mulch is adequate and important.

At Unique Landscaping, we use Pecan Shell Mulch. When you see it you will know why…it looks great! Pecan Shell Mulch is a bi-product of the Texas Pecan industry. It’s 4.6 pH level is acidic and advantageous to our high alkaline soil. A two inch layer applied twice a year in June & December will help conserve moisture, suffocate weeds, buffer temperature extremes, and it won’t blow or float away.

$585.00 – 120 cubic feet (a standard pick-up truck load, 3 cu. yds.) covers 500 sq. ft. – 2″ thick

We also offer composted manure at the same low price. Call for delivery.