Celebrate the Beauty of the Season with Autumn Sumac

It is easy to see the beauty of the season; I love this time of year. Fall is approaching, leaves are starting to turn as Mother Nature brings changes in the weather. One of my sons says he loves the smell of Fall…it smells like his birthday! We prepare our hives to make it through winter, we make our spring equipment list, and we should also take advantage of this time of year for planting. Fall is a perfect time to plant trees and landscape plants for the next year. Plants and trees planted in the Fall will have a jump start on any spring plantings. They will wake up from their winter rest and start growing stress free. The following is a list of trees you can consider to plant that the bees love to visit in their gardens. Desert Willow, Mexican Plum, Golden Rain Tree, Flame Sumac, Willow, Japanese Ligustrum, Magnolia, Red Bud, Crape Myrtle, Hollies, and Vitex. Enjoy Autumn’s beauty!

Lantana is very tough, needs very little water and is disease and pest free. Honey bees, butterflies, and birds love lantana. These plants are always full of activity. Lantana grows 4 to 6 feet tall every season and will bloom from early summer into fall.