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Landscape Ornaments

Landscape Ornaments There are many landscape ornaments growing locally around us. Your landscape is an excellent way to show off nature's decorations throughout the year. Flowers possess seed heads that dry; you can Espalier up against a brick wall letting the plant berries be accents. Just seeing the berries of winter make people feel good. Lots of money is spent annually on commercial decorations. Bring

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Fall Garden Color

Fall Garden Color by Donna Kauffman Fall color is one thing most Texans don't have and miss -- especially having moved from other parts of the country. A well planned landscape design can provide beautiful leaf color in the fall and still incorporate flowers. For selection of trees, the Red Oak color is genetic. Choose Red Oaks with the color you desire in the fall.

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Gain Texture and Variety with Ornamental Grasses

Gain Texture and Variety with Ornamental Grasses by Donna Kauffman Local gardens do not make use of ornamental grasses nearly enough. Grasses need practically no attention and when they are used in the right location, can stand for years, giving striking shows of graceful stalks. Native grasses are a favorite of mine. In the Autumn, when seed heads occur, I always resolve to use even

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Yard Waste

Yard Waste Yard Waste accounts for up to 25% of our total refuse material. Immediately outside your front door there are ways to reduce waste hauled to landfills, and ways to help conserve the environment. Grass Clippings - Adopt the "Don't Bag it!" program through the County Extension Service. Publications and promotional items are available. The theory is to mow the lawn before grass gets

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Native Trees

Native Trees By Donna Kauffman It seems only natural when considering to plant a tree to first look at what is native to Colleyville. One choice is the Red Oak, which has the longest lifespan and is the largest. The Red Oak grows to a height of 60 ft. and is known to live 200+ years. There are single and multi-trunk trees available. Red Oaks

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