Nandina - Gulfstream

- Berberidaceae
CULTURE - Shade to sun
FLOWER - White flowers in erect clusters; blooming in early summer.
FOLIAGE - Leaves alternate, compound, leaflets 1 1/2 inches long.
FORM - Upright with many non-branching stems.
FRUIT - Red berries persisting through the winter.
GROWTH RATE - Moderate
HARDINESS - Grown throughout the state.
PRUNING - Prune in early spring, head back old canes at staggering heights to promote dense growth.
SIZE - Can reach 4 feet in height; spreads to 4 feet.
SOIL - Acid to alkaline, well-drained.
TEXTURE - Medium-fine
USE - Border, foundations, accent; space 4 feet apart.
VARIETY - Gulfstream