Miscanthus - sinensis 'Sarabande'

FAMILY - Poaceae (Grass)
COMMON NAME - Maiden Grass
LATIN - Miscanthus (mis-KAN-thus) sinensis (sin-EN-sis)
DESCRIPTION - A selection that has been determined by German growers to be the best Miscanthus sinensis yet. Dark green, arching foliage is very fine textured. Leaf is about 3/16" wide. Bronze flowers appear late September. Similar texture to 'Gracillimus' but more reliable bloomer. The inflorescence is held inside the foliage with very few extending about the foliage.
ZONE - 4a
ORIGIN - Introduced by Kurt Bluemel (species China and Japan)
LEAF BLADE (WxL) - 3/16" x 36"
FOLIAGE (WxL) - 60" x 72", Upright Arching - Foliage ascends vertically then becomes fountain-like at the top
PLUME (LxWxH) - 72 x 12.00 x 9.00, Upright - Plumes grow vertically in a uniform columnar form
SUN - 1/2 to Full Sun, Full Sun for Maximum Performance
MOISTURE - Prefers moist but can tolerate wide range
FOLIAGE COLOR - Summer: Green, Light Fall: Yellow Winter: Tan/Light Brown