LAMBíS EAR - Verbascum thapsus

Biennial  - Sun

- A European biennial weed widely naturalized in the pasture lands of the U.S., it is so woolly textured as to have a surface like rather coarse velveteen. Rising from a rosette of lanceolate leaves 12-14Ē long, having round-toothed margins and narrowing towards the base, with a strong central rib, the rather thick, erect, unbranched flower stalk is clothed with alternate, clasping leaves. Above the several leafy bracts, which are strongly keeled and have wavy margins, the crowded, yellow flower cluster arises. Each flower has a wide spreading, 5-lobed, slightly uneven corolla and 5 unequal stamens. The plant blooms throughout the summer. It is not a particularly attractive garden plant since the gray-green foliage becomes very dusty in dry weather.
NOTES - The leaf has been used in various medicines for asthma and pulmonary diseases.